1) Introduction to Glassplant Confidential
2) More Information on GPC
3) Why should I use the GPC website to find a suitable glass manufacturer for my bottles & jars???
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1)   Introduction


Welcome to ‘GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL’ – The website designed to assist YOU with your purchases of bottles and jars from glass manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Asia and the Middle-East.  We combine our expertise of glass-container manufacturing with our knowledge of the Chinese glass-manufacturing industry, to ensure our valuable members enjoy a smooth transition through all aspects of their glass-procurement process.


  • Get the ‘inside information’ on how a glass-plant REALLY performs.  Many of the glass plants featured on this site have BEEN VISITED by GPC (some multiple times), and their manufacturing operations have been observed FIRST HAND!! 
  • Arm yourself with important information before committing to a plant.  Knowledge is confidence!


At GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL we go beyond the confines of the glass-plant!  If you are looking to visit a plant to determine its suitability to produce your glass containers, or to observe your containers being manufactured, our ‘Summary-of-Operations’ Reports provide additional information on ‘How to get there’ and ‘Where to stay’.  We also provide ‘tips’, advice, and a large range of information to make the procurement process as easy as possible.


GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL (GPC) provides several options to assist you to find suitable manufacturing facilities across China, Asia and the Middle East.  Our ‘Directory of Glass Manufacturers and Traders’ allows you to enter data on the glass container you are seeking, and will automatically provide a list of glass-manufacturers capable of producing the ‘style’ of vessel you are after (and the ‘quantity’ of vessels you require).  What could be easier?  You can then submit your required container for a quote (or quotes) from suitably matched glass-manufacturers.  This process will allow you to quickly dismiss overpriced quotes, ensuring you get the best value for money.  This service is provided at NO COST to Silver and Gold members.  GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL receives no commissions from the plants submitting quotes to you, so you can be sure prices are not ‘topped-up’ with extra costs!!


Our ‘Trading-Post’ pages also allow you to place details of the glass containers you require in an open forum, allowing a large range of glass manufacturers and traders across Asia and the Middle East to submit their quotes to you!  This forum is ideal for Companies wishing to procure lower volumes of bottles and jars.  Where confidentiality is required, GPC will act as intermediary so that all communication is channelled through them.




2)   More Information on GPC


GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL’ is the web-based assessment of glass-manufacturing facilities – many of which have been audited by our associated company GLASS IDENTIFICATION SERVICES on behalf of food and beverage manufacturers worldwide.  GPC and GIS also undertake their own audits of glass-manufacturing facilities across China, Asia and the Middle East, and details of these plants are added to this site on an ongoing basis.  Thus the opportunities for your business to develop new relationships with quality glass-manufacturers are ongoing.


The site dispenses with ‘technical jargon’ to provide a ‘no-nonsense’, ‘easy-to-understand’ summary of glass-manufacturing facilities across Asia and the Middle-East.  Our core objective:



“To assist FOOD and BEVERAGE manufacturers in their procurement of GLASS BOTTLES and JARS directly from glass manufacturers in China, Asia and the Middle East”




Our associated company GLASS IDENTIFICATION SERVICES (GIS) was set up in 1998 by senior analyst Steve Dalton, formerly of O-I Glass (NZ) where he held senior quality and technical management positions over a 10 year period.  Steve was the technical interface between the glass-manufacturing plant and food & beverage manufacturers – using his extensive knowledge to solve technical issues experienced by companies filling in glass containers, and assisting the glass plant itself with continuous improvement initiatives.


Steve DaltonSteve Dalton
Founder and CEO of GPC and GIS

Steve has been actively involved with the Food and Beverage industries for more than 20 years, assisting businesses procure their glass bottles & jars from Asian and Middle-Eastern glass manufacturers


Steve’s in-depth knowledge and expertise ultimately attracted interest from companies looking to source their glass requirements offshore, further resulting in his engagement as a technical consultant by many of these companies.  This was the foundation that led to the establishment of GIS.  Since its beginnings in 1998, GIS has been actively involved in both ‘auditing’ and ‘monitoring’ exercises for the food and beverage industries, assisting many companies with their procurement of glass bottles and jars from a large range of manufacturers across China, Asia and the Middle East.  GPC/GIS continue to assist many companies on an ongoing basis with their offshore sourcing, as well as providing additional services such as ‘container-failure’ diagnosis, glass-fragment analysis, and glass filling-line auditing.  The extensive knowledge and experience gained from these long-term relationships has been incorporated into the GPC website for the exclusive benefit of our members.


GPC/GIS are proud to be of service to many businesses associated with the food and beverage industries.  Our client-list includes....









There are literally hundreds of glass plants in China and the rest of Asia, and trying to sift through these is a daunting task, particularly for those who have little or no knowledge of the glass manufacturing industry.  GPC has encountered numerous western food and beverage manufacturers who have established supply relationships with Chinese glass companies, only to find out later that the supplier is in fact a trading-company, rather than a glass-plant.  Such relationships are not easily avoided, as traders will often have their own websites displaying photos of glass manufacturing operations.  Traders will often tell of their ‘shareholding’ in a particular glass-plant to entice western business.  Whilst GPC is not diminishing the important role traders contribute to the glass industry, it believes food and beverage companies should have full knowledge of the businesses they establish relationships with.  The GPC website will be of great assistance in this regard.


Once genuine glass-suppliers have been determined, food and beverage manufacturers need to collate a range of information to determine the suitability of a particular plant to produce their glass requirements.  Some plants produce limited colours, some may not produce ‘press & blow’ ware (jars), others may require large manufacturing runs, and of course others may have deficient quality standards.  Other factors include the location of the plant (accessibility), its proximity to a suitable shipping port, and of course the number-1 driving factor with many companies – ‘price’.  The large range of information available on the GPC website will allow food and beverage manufacturers to accumulate relevant information with ease – thus saving valuable time when determining which plants are most suited to their requirements!


GPC has produced documents that provide ‘inside-knowledge’ of the manufacturing operations of a range of glass-plants.  This information is provided independently by GPC, without influence from the plants.  Members can access these exclusive documents, allowing them to make informed decisions when assessing the suitability of a particular plant to meet their needs.


GPC also provides an exclusive e-mail facility for its valued ‘VIP’ and ‘Silver’ members, allowing them to contact us at any time should they have any queries about their glass containers.  We are here to help!






The GPC website provides a wealth of information for a wide range of personnel involved in the manufacturing, filling, and marketing of container-glassware (bottles & jars).  Valued members would include:


  • Procurement Professionals (those considering, or those currently purchasing glass containers offshore)

    • If you are considering purchasing your glassware offshore, the ‘Directory of Glass Manufacturers & Traders’ will save you significant time and effort when searching for suitable suppliers.  Detailed ‘Summary of Operations’ reports are also available for some plants, providing a unique insight into their manufacturing facilities.  These reports also detail the additional quality-procedures to be introduced at the plant when manufacturing ware for Western customers.

    • If you are already purchasing offshore, you might like to take a look at other options for your glass requirements, or you might like to see if your current supplier is currently featured on this site (and how they rate).


  • CEO’s, Company Executives and Senior Managers of Food & Beverage companies filling in glass containers.

  • Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Production Managers, and Senior production-line personnel.

  • Quality Assurance Managers, Technical Managers, Quality Specialists & Representatives.

  • Glass Traders (both western and non-western based businesses).

  • Glass Manufacturers (bottles/jars), Glass Distributors

  • Glass Fillers in non-food-related industries (e.g. pharmaceutical manufacturers, cosmetic manufacturers).


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