GPC Auditing Services

GPC Auditing Services

GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL offers a range of services to the Food & Beverage industries. A summary of our 'Auditing' and 'Monitoring' services follows. If you require services other than those listed below, please contact us - we are here to help!

  1. Auditing of Glass Manufacturing Plants on behalf of Food & Beverage Manufacturers

  2. Auditing Services for Off-Shore Glass Manufacturers (e.g. China, Taiwan, Asia, Middle East)

  3. Monitoring Glass Production - Offshore Glass Plants

  4. Filling-Line Auditing


  2. Audits undertaken on behalf of Food and Beverage Manufacturers:

    GPC frequently undertakes auditing exercises of glass-manufacturing facilities on behalf of food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. Our audits look at all aspects of the glass manufacturing process - from raw materials through to final packaging and storage. We focus on the quality procedures in place at the plant, and how these compare to best-practice principles. We discuss with the plant any additional quality procedures that will need to be implemented when manufacturing glass vessels for Western customers. A list of these procedures will be included in the "List of Additional Quality Requirements" section of the comprehensive audit-report that is provided to the food/beverage manufacturer at the completion of the audit.

    The above audits can be undertaken in two ways:

    • The glass plant that the food/beverage manufacturer will be using to manufacture their glass vessels can be audited PRIOR TO the running of the glass vessel. In such circumstances it is preferable (although not critical) that a similar style of container is being run at the glass plant when the audit is undertaken. GPC will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the plants operation, and provide a detailed report to the food/beverage manufacturer so that they are fully aware of any additional requirements that will need to be implemented when their vessel is produced.

    • GPC can arrive at the glass plant at the commencement of production of the food/beverage manufacturers vessel. In the first hours of production, GPC will focus on the quality procedures in place, and make immediate changes as required. This exercise is done in a spirit of cooperation with the glass-plant, so that all parties work together to achieve the desired outcome for the food & beverage manufacturer. Where possible, GPC will arrive at the glass plant a day prior to the vessels manufacture. This provides an opportunity to see the plant in action prior to the start of the run, and will speed up the implementation of any additional procedures.

    • With the above 'real-time' audit, the food/beverage manufacturer can choose to have a 'full-audit' of the glass facility, or a 'partial-audit'. The partial audit will concentrate on the manufacture of the current vessel, paying specific attention to the Hot-End, Cold-End, and packing areas of the line on which it is being manufactured. This scenario is effectively a 'monitoring-exercise', and is covered in greater under 'Monitoring Glass Production - Offshore Glass Plants' below.

    If you would like an unbiased assessment of your current glass manufacturer, or an assessment of a potential glass supplier, contact GPC for more information on its auditing services. We have significant auditing experience throughout China, Taiwan, Asia and the Middle-East, and can put together a cost-effective auditing package for your company - regardless of size! For more information CLICK HERE


  4. Audits undertaken on behalf of off-shore Glass Manufacturers:

    Glass manufacturing plants have the opportunity to have their facilities audited by GPC so that they can be sure their quality procedures are sufficient to manufacture ware for western customers. A number of plants throughout China, Asia and the Middle East have taken a pro-active approach to glass quality, and have requested GPC to undertake an audit of their manufacturing facilities. With such audits, glass plants will understand the additional testing and procedural requirements that they will need to put in place when manufacturing ware for Western customers. They can bid for jobs with greater confidence, and provide a level of confidence to western purchasers that they are fully capable of manufacturing ware to their required quality standards.

    If you are a glass-manufacturer and would like a 'third-party' assessment of your quality procedures, GPC can help. We will provide a cost-effective assessment of your operation, and ensure you are fully aware of the testing requirements for western customers. For more information CLICK HERE.


  6. In addition to Auditing Services, GPC frequently monitors production of glass vessels in offshore glass plants on behalf of Western food & beverage manufacturers. GPC has established long-term relationships with many western companies, and monitors their production on an ongoing basis. Many other companies employ the services of GPC to undertake 'one-off' exercises (e.g. the first manufacturing run of a new container, etc).

    When undertaking our monitoring exercises, GPC will ensure required quality procedures are in place at the commencement of the run to ensure ware is manufactured to western standards. A detailed report is provided to the western filler outlining all recommendations made during the manufacturing run. This will allow the filler to liaise with the glass plant prior to future manufacturing runs, to ensure required procedures are ongoing.

    Monitoring exercises can be undertaken for the first few days of a manufacturing run, or longer. The monitoring of production over the first 2 to 3 days is recommended, as this will allow time for the job to 'settle down', and will allow staff to become accustomed to any additional quality procedures that have been recommended for the job.

    GPC can provide cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes who are wanting production of their bottles or jars monitored in offshore glass-plants. We have significant experience in China, Taiwan, Asia and the Middle-East, and will assist you in receiving a high quality product from your chosen glass manufacturer. For more information CLICK HERE.


  8. GPC's expertise extends beyond the glass manufacturing plant - to the filling-lines of food and beverage manufacturers worldwide! Once glass vessels reach the filling-lines, they are subjected to a significant range of filling processes - each placing the vessels under different loads and stresses. Hot-filling, cold-filling, internal-pressure, pasteurisation and a range of other processes will affect bottles and jar in different ways, and it is important fillers understand the importance of correct glass-handling practices. Regardless of how well a bottle or jar has been manufactured at the glass-plant, poor handling practices on the filling line will quickly result in a significant reduction in strength, and potential issues on the line or later in the trade.

    GPC understands the limitations of glassware, and can assist food and beverage manufacturers to identify points on their filling-lines that can potentially affect the integrity of the glass vessels. Our aim is to ensure the filling-plant gets the best possible performance from their glass containers. We also cover the documentation required at the plant to ensure traceability of the glass vessels into the trade is possible - a very important requirement for fillers of glass packaging.

    Food and beverage manufacturers can obtain helpful information on 'Best Practice' procedures at the filling-plant on the GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL website (in the 'Quality Focus' Series of documents). Free stationery to assist food & beverage manufacturers record essential information on the glass vessels they run is also available (under the 'Stationery for F&B Manufacturers' tab).

    For more information on GPC's Filling-Line Auditing services CLICK HERE.