How to Get a Quote

How to get a quote

The 'HOW TO' Guide to finding the right supplier for YOU!

Finding a suitable supplier, and getting a quote for your bottle or jar is EASY! Remember GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL is here to help if you strike any issues, or have any queries. Just submit details to us through the 'Help Hotline' and we will do our best to smooth out any 'bumps' along the way!

Purchasers of GLASS VESSELS have TWO options for finding a potential supplier. They can use either, or both of these methods. Follow the instructions below, and find the best supplier for YOU!
Note: A third option is available to companies who wish to appoint GPC as their representative to search for potential suppliers of their bottles and jars. Details are discussed under 'Option-3' below.



OPTION-3 - The "GPC-ASSIST" Option.


Note: This service is available to 'VIP', 'Silver', and 'Free' members

This is the easiest and quickest method to 'test-the-waters'. Simply place a listing on the TRADING POST forum and see what responses you receive. 'Silver' members will enjoy a set number of free listings each month. 'VIP' members can place unlimited listings. 'Free' members can purchase listings as required.

The Trading Post forum is currently an 'open' platform, which means glass-manufacturers and traders from around the world may be able to respond to your listing. However in most cases, the first responses will be limited to GPC's 'VIP' and 'Silver' members (therefore you will be able to access more information on these respondents from within the Directory). Placing a listing on 'TRADING POST' is quick and easy. You can read the instructions and place a listing by CLICKING HERE.


Note: This service is restricted to our 'VIP' and 'Silver' members.

The GPC 'Directory of Glass Manufacturers and Traders' is a comprehensive list of glass suppliers based in China, Taiwan, Asia and the Middle-East. For western FOOD and BEVERAGE manufacturers looking for alternative suppliers of their glass containers, the Directory will provide valuable information that will assist them in making informed decisions on which glass-suppliers to approach. Western businesses looking for other styles of containers are also catered for (e.g. pharmacy bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc). Whether you are looking for tiny nail-polish bottles or 12-litre water bottles (or anything in between), there will be a business in the Directory that will be able to service your needs!

The information contained in the Directory will save businesses many hours of time searching and researching websites and search-engines for potential glass suppliers. More importantly, it will provide in-depth details on many plants, taking the 'guesswork' out of your selections, and providing you with confidence when approaching Asian suppliers.

Remember, you must be either a 'VIP' or 'Silver' member of GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL to view the 'Directory' and to obtain contact-details for plants that may be of interest to you. Not a 'VIP' or 'Silver' member? CLICK HERE to see the benefits of membership.

Finding potential glass suppliers in the GPC Directory is EASY! Follow the following steps!

  1. Please ensure your Name and Contact Details are up-to-date in the 'My Account' section of your Log-In (in case we need to contact you regarding any of your selected suppliers).

  2. Browse the Directory (you can access it HERE). Note that each listing in the Directory has a unique 'Reference-Number'.

  3. The amount of detail visible for each listing will vary - more information will generally be available for 'Audited Plants', however smaller listings will have additional 'background' information which may not be directly visible (e.g. if a plant has chosen a 'basic' listing, there may be insufficient space to display all information). However be assured that when performing a search for a suitable supplier of your glass vessels, the 'background' information will also be assessed against your search criteria - therefore ALL potential suppliers in the Directory will be highlighted to you.

  4. Go to the 'SORT-BY' list that runs down the left-hand side of the Directory listings. Work your way down the list, selecting the attributes applicable to the glass container for which you are seeking a supplier/quote.

  5. As each selection is made, businesses in the Directory will drop off, leaving just those that match your search criteria.

  6. Once you have completed your search, browse the remaining listings. These listings will highlight the businesses that are best matched to manufacture your glass vessels, based on information obtained from GPC during plant audits, or on information provided to GPC from the plants themselves.

  7. At this point you should take a note of the 'Reference-Numbers' of the remaining Glass-Plants and Traders that are of interest to you.

  8. You will now have a list of potential suppliers of your glass containers. Based on your search criteria, you may have a single plant, or you may have many. In the unlikely event there are no matches, then one of your search criteria might not be compatible with container-glass manufacturers in general (e.g. you might be seeking an obscure colour that is not generally manufactured in the industry, or the quantities you are seeking are simply not commercial). In such circumstances you should consider posting a listing on our 'Trading-Post' page.

  9. Before proceeding, see if there are any 'Audited Glass Plants' on the list. If so, there may be a 'Summary of Operations' report available that will provide you with an in-depth summary of the plants operations, and a list of any additional quality procedures to be implemented at the plant when manufacturing ware for Western companies.
    Note: VIP and Silver members are entitled to a number of FREE 'Summary of Operations' reports as part of their yearly membership (and can purchase additional reports at discounted rates). Therefore allocated 'free' reports will reduce to a 'zero' cost when proceeding through the 'checkout'. To view the 'Summary of Operations' reports CLICK HERE.

  10. You are now ready to contact the glass supplier(s). However you will have noticed there are no 'contact-details' listed in the Directory. Why is this? GPC endeavours to keep an updated database of relevant 'contact people' within each organisation listed on the Directory (often Export Managers and Overseas Account Managers who speak English and are able to communicate with our Members). Staff in these roles are constantly changing, and any contact information placed in the Directory would quickly become outdated. Whilst members are welcome to undertake their own web searches of their selected plants to obtain a relevant contact person, in many instances (particularly with Chinese Plants) you will be directed through a 'third-party' site, who may then act as your 'intermediary' and prevent direct contact with the plant. In most instances GPC recommends that you establish a direct relationship with the glass-plant/trader listed in the Directory. Therefore you should request the latest contact-information from the GPC database, by following the instructions below:

To obtain the latest contact information for your selected suppliers, you must forward the supplier 'Reference Number' (or numbers) to GPC using the following submission form:

"DIRECTORY LISTINGS: Request for Contact Details of selected Glass Suppliers"

You can CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the submission-form. Otherwise you can access it from the 'Help Hotline' page. Once received, GPC will forward all contact details for the relevant plants to the requesting member.

Note: Where the number of plants/suppliers for which contact-details are being sought is deemed excessive, GPC will use its discretion and may request additional information from the member. It is recommended that members discreetly approach 2 or 3 potential suppliers at a time, rather than simply putting their request out to many businesses. Glass manufacturers and traders are in the same business, and are likely to communicate with one another - therefore if it is well know that your request has been sent to multiple recipients, suppliers might be less inclined to provide a 'sharp' deal. Remember, if you have no luck with your first attempt, you can always return to the Directory and search again!

Recommended Additional Reading (available on the GPC Website):


Too busy and don't have time to search for potential suppliers?? Choose the 'GPC-ASSIST' option and let GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL do the 'donkey-work' for you! We will forward a drawing of your glass container to specially selected Glass-Plants and Traders, and obtain quotes on your behalf. We will provide you with a report detailing the selected plants, their contact-details, their respective quotes, and any other relevant information. EASY!
Note: All details relating to the Purchaser will remain confidential, and will not be passed to the Plants that we deem to be suitable suppliers. We understand that you (the 'Purchaser') might also wish to advise GPC of plants that you do not want contacted during the 'GPC ASSIST' program (for example, if you are already sourcing from an Asian Glass-Plant but are looking at alternative Asian suppliers, you may not want your current supplier to know). Providing their details will ensure they are not contacted by GPC.

For more information and costs of the 'GPC ASSIST' option, please contact GPC on the 'GENERAL ENQUIRIES' submission form on the 'Help Hotline' page.