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The 'Summary of Operations' reports for the following Plants are currently being compiled or updated, and are available on request

• Hwa Hsia Glass Company (Hsin Chu – Taiwan) - 2019
• Huaxing (Guangdong) Glass Company (Foshan – China) - Completed!
• Ta Hsiang Containers Industry Co Ltd (Hsin Chu – Taiwan) - 2019
• Huapeng Glass Company (Rongcheng – China) - 2019
• Hua Zhong Glass Company Ltd (Wuxi - China) - 2019
• Changyu (Yantai) Glass Co Ltd (Yantai - China) - Completed!
• Tianyu (Xinji) Glass Co Ltd (Xinji - China) - 2019
• Majan Glass Company (Sohar - Oman) - 2019

‘VIP’ and ‘Silver’ members have access to a number of free “Summary of Operations” reports as part of their annual membership (as below).

VIP Members:
4 FREE Reports (value $US1000) per Full Membership Year

Silver Members:
2 FREE Reports (value $US500) per Full Membership Year

Additional reports are provided at significantly discounted rates for ‘VIP’ and ‘Silver’ members.

Free Members can Purchase the reports at the standard rate.



The ‘Summary of Operations’ reports not only provide a detailed overview of a plants glass-manufacturing operations, but also provide more specific information on topics such as ‘Forming Operations’, ‘Quality Checks and Procedures’, ‘Surface Treatment’, ‘Pallet Configurations’, ‘Warehousing’ and much more. Information on how to get to the plant, where to stay, and any other useful information is also provided. For Food & Beverage companies looking to have their glass containers manufactured offshore, the ‘Summary of Operations’ reports provide an independent assessment of a Plants ability to manufacture ware for Western companies. Plants are assessed against ‘best-practice’ principles, and where additional quality procedures are required, these will be itemised in the “List of Additional Quality Requirements” at the back of the report.

The ‘Summary of Operations’ reports have been produced for those companies who have a strong QUALITY ethic, and are committed to getting the best quality ware from the glass-plant they choose to work with.