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Six EASY TIPS to prevent potential quality issues with your new bottle or jar!

Your pallets of bottles/jars have arrived at your filling plant! You are about to open the doors of the shipping-container with anticipation!! What could possibly go wrong??

If your Company is having a proprietary bottle or jar manufactured offshore, ensure you are involved with the development of the container BEFORE it starts being manufactured at the Glass-Plant. Follow these 6 EASY TIPS to ensure the glass-manufacturer understands your expectations, and to ensure there are no unexpected surprises when your containers arrive!!

Tip #1: Ensure the containers are being manufactured to acceptable quality standards

You may not be a ‘glass expert’, however there are Quality Specifications available that should be supplied to the Glass-Plant prior to them manufacturing your vessels. In some Asian glass-manufacturing plants, there are up to THREE levels of quality. You do not want your containers manufactured at the lowest level! If manufactured at the lower level, the resulting containers will be less ‘robust’, and therefore less resistant to forces such as ‘impact’ and ‘thermal-shock’. Providing the plant with a set of basic specifications will ensure that the glass vessels will be capable of withstanding the rigours of Western filling plants (and subsequent progression through the trade to the consumer).

There are potentially dozens of defects that can reduce the performance of glass containers on the filling-line, therefore it is important that the vessels be manufactured to minimum standards. Once done, other more subtle issues that might arise during the filling of the containers can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The Specification Documents on the GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL website can be found under the “GLASS QUALITY SPECIFICATIONS and TERMINOLOGY” tab. The Specifications are based on international standards, and should be provided to your glass supplier before they manufacture your containers. If production has already commenced, be sure to implement these specifications prior to any future manufacturing run. Visit www.glassplantconfidential.com to download these important documents.

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The ‘QUALITY FOCUS’ documents .....

A series of ‘Quality Documents’ specifically designed for FOOD & BEVERAGE manufacturers filling in glass containers.  These documents provide a large number of TIPS designed to prevent common quality issues often associated with imported glass containers.

The ‘Quality Focus’ series gives a ‘step-by-step’ account of good-practice procedures when using imported bottles and jars (with many of the procedures also applicable to ‘locally-sourced’ containers).  The simple TIPS will ensure you get the best performance from your glass containers.  Document-1 starts at the glass-plant before your containers are manufactured.  As you progress through the series, further TIPS will ensure all bases are covered as you start unloading the vessels onto your filling-line.  Follow the expert advice in the later editions of the series – as the glass containers are filled on your line and are distributed into the trade.

Simple mistakes can have serious consequences for your business – so be sure to implement the recommended procedures to minimise the risks and protect your product.

This is a ‘must-read’ series of documents for Procurement Professionals, Production Supervisors, and Quality Assurance Professionals!  

>>> QUALITY FOCUS – DOCUMENT 1:  The first in a series of 5 documents focuses on the glass-manufacturing plant, and discusses a range of potential issues that could affect the overall quality of your glass containers.  Subjects include Quality Specifications, Pack Configuration, Surface Treatment, Soda Bloom and a number of other important aspects of container-manufacture that food and beverage companies should be familiar with.

NOTE:  The entire series of ‘QUALITY-FOCUS’ documents are FREE to both ‘VIP’ and ‘Silver’ Members.