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DEPALLETISER RECORD (Pallet Recording Sheet): OPTION-2

It is essential that food and beverage manufacturers record details of ALL pallets of bottles and jars that are run on their filling-lines. The amount of detail required from the pallet-tags to allow effective traceability of product will vary, depending on the system of pallet-numbering used at the glass-manufacturing plant. It is however strongly recommended that the food & beverage manufacturer record as much information as possible. Thus if a critical manufacturing defect in the glass containers was discovered after product had entered the marketplace, the ability to determine the amount of product affected by the defect will be greatly assisted.

The ‘Depalletiser Record’ (#102) is FREE to download, and makes provision for the recording of all essential information as would be found on the Pallet-Tags of most glass-manufacturers. In addition to the information on the Pallet-Tag, it is also very important to record the ‘Time’ that each pallet is offloaded onto the filling-line. This information is equally important when assessing the movement of glass containers into the trade.

The details of up to 30 pallets can be recorded on ‘Depalletiser Record’ (#102). There is also provision at the bottom of the document to record details of breakages that might occur when depalletising the glass vessels. If there is insufficient room to record all breakages, the document should be combined with the ‘Glass Breakage Register’ (#103) which is also available for FREE download.

For further information on the importance of recording the pallet details of glass containers run on food and beverage manufacturing lines, refer to the GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL publication ‘QUALITY FOCUS – PARTS 1 to 5’. This provides detailed examples on how Pallet Records can assist food and beverage manufacturers assess the extent a manufacturing defect might have affected product in the trade, and how these details might assist in minimising the amount of stock to be returned if faced with a product-recall.

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'STATIONERY' for FOOD & BEVERAGE Manufacturers

GLASSPLANT CONFIDENTIAL has been associated with both the FOOD & BEVERAGE industries, and the GLASS-MANUFACTURING industry for many years. GPC recognises the importance of best-practice manufacturing procedures – both in the glass-plants where bottles and jars are manufactured, and the filling plants where the vessels are filled. As part of the process to ensure food and beverage manufacturers obtain the best performance from their glass containers, a range of stationery has been developed to ensure plants record all critical information when filling their glass vessels. These documents are FREE to download, and plants are encouraged to utilise them as part of their in-house quality procedures.