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SCREW-CAP WINE BOTTLES (Critical Dimensions on the 30 x 60 BVS Finish)

The popularity of the 30 x 60 BVS screw-cap finish on wine bottles has dramatically increased since the 1990’s, and now many mainstream red and white wines are filled into these ‘consumer-friendly’ bottles. Despite the many years the finish has been produced, capping issues still arise in many filling-plants. These issues can be attributed to both the ‘closure’ and the ‘bottle’ (or a combination of both). One common complaint raised by wine-fillers is the propensity of the whole closure (both ‘cap’ and ‘capsule’) to be removed from the bottles when opened by consumers. This issue has created much debate over the years, with wine-fillers, closure-manufacturers, and bottle-manufacturers all standing their ground when the ‘finger-of-blame’ is pointed.

This Bulletin focuses on the requirements of the glass-manufacturer, highlighting the levels of accuracy required for a range of major dimensions which, if not controlled, can result in less-than-perfect closure application at the filling-plant (or unsatisfactory closure removal by the consumer).

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