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DEFECT: FLANGED-FINISHES (on 'twist-off' & 'screw-cap' bottles)

This Bulletin provides detailed information on the ‘critical’ defect referred to as ‘Flanged Finish’. The defect comprises a small horizontal protrusion of glass along the outer sealing-surface, most commonly affecting ‘narrow-neck’ beer and beverage bottles. The extent to which the small ‘fin’ or flange of glass protrudes outward varies from bottle-to-bottle, so to is the extent to which it travels around the circumference of the sealing-surface. Regardless of size, the flange has a propensity to fracture when closures are removed from the bottles by consumers.

Since the 1990’s, this unforgiving ‘critical’ defect has subtly risen through the ranks of glass-manufacturing defects to become one of the most prominent in terms of its involvement in major product recalls world-wide. In this Bulletin, we discuss the emergence of the ‘flanged-finish’ defect, its devastating effects on both glass-manufacturers and beverage manufacturers alike, and recommended ‘best-practice’ procedures to ensure the defect is suitably controlled at the glass-manufacturing plant.

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