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SODA BLOOM in Container Glassware

This bulletin provides a range of information relating to the condition known as ‘Bloom’. What causes bloom to occur ; its potential effects on products ; potential conditions where bloom could adversely affect product ; and how to minimise the risks of bloom.

There is no doubt that the visual effects of bloom have resulted in the dumping of large numbers of perfectly good containers. This document will provide information to assist food & beverage manufacturers assess the effects bloomed containers might have on their product.

Questions Answered:

• What is Soda Bloom?
• What causes Soda Bloom?
• Will Soda Bloom wash out in the Rinser?
• Will Soda Bloom be visible in my Product?
• Will Soda Bloom affect the taste of my Product?
• Is Soda Bloom a Health Risk?
• What can be done to reduce the occurrence of Bloom?

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