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GPC welcomes Members to TRADING POST – the forum that brings Food & Beverage Manufacturers and Glass Manufacturers together to provide a convenient and efficient means of matching the right suppler with the right purchaser! The forum allows glass manufacturers and traders to connect with prospective purchasers – allowing the parties to negotiate directly with one another, and establish potential supply agreements.

For PURCHASERS of Bottles and Jars: The TRADING POST site allows for purchasers to place a ‘Listing’ with details of the glass vessels they are seeking. A contact e-mail address is required to allow potential suppliers to contact you directly. If purchasers wish to keep their details confidential, GPC can act as an intermediary (more details on this service can be found on the ‘Trading Post Listing’ form). To place a listing on the Trading Post forum please enter your details HERE.

  1. When a listing is received, GPC will forward details of the vessels (and the contact details on the listing) to its financial members (VIP and Silver) in the first instance. Financial members are those that have shown a genuine commitment to assisting the needs of Western Food & Beverage manufacturers. These companies will have at least 3 business days to respond with quotes, before the listing is posted openly on the site. At this time all glass suppliers will be able to respond to the listing.

  2. Where details on a ‘Listing’ are likely to restrict the number of potential responses from Glass Suppliers, GPC may bypass the procedure shown in (1) above, and openly display the listing from day-1 (an example might be a request where only a small number of bottles/jars are required, and only a limited number of glass suppliers are likely to be able to satisfy such a request).

  3. If a Purchaser prefers to restrict their ‘Listing’ to financial members of the GPC Website (e.g. VIP and Silver members), this should be specified in the “Additional Notes” section on the ‘Trading Post Listing’ form.

  4. Listings will remain valid for a period of 4 months. If a Purchaser has found a suitable supplier within this time, or they wish to remove their ‘Listing’ from the Trading Post forum, they should send a notification to this effect to GPC via the ‘General Enquiries’ contact-form HERE.

For SELLERS of Bottles and Jars: Glass Manufacturers and Traders can view the ‘Listings’, and can respond directly to the purchaser with a quote, or to request more information. NOTE: VIP and SILVER Members will have the first opportunity to quote. After a limited time, other glass-manufacturers and traders will be able to respond to the listing.
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Note: Glass Manufacturers and Traders can also advertise their 'stock bottles' and 'surplus stock' on the Trading-Post forum. Purchasers will be able to respond directly to the seller.